Getting started as a DC or a CA:

Essential Viewing For DCs, CAs and other leaders:

Adding a new member to your club/center

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  • Send USPC forms and dues to 

USPC 4041 Iron Works Parkway,
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Introducing prospective and new members to Pony Club:

Conducting a Club Level Certifications:

  • Be familiar with the Standards of Proficiency, test sheets and flow charts. Standards of proficiency was updated in 2012. Check here to learn about what is new. 
  • Make sure your candidates know what to expect at the testing. 
  • Offer at least two opportunities to test in a year. If your club / center is not able to provide a testing, check with the region or your neighbouring clubs. 
  • Secure examiners for the test. Contact your Regional Instruction Coordinator, if you need help finding an examiner.   
  • Finalize a test date and announce it to your members. Plan on completing all sections of the test in one day. 
  • It is always a good idea to have an Impartial Observer for the testing. This could be an adult who is not related to the examiner or the candidates. An IO works on keeping the testing running according to the schedule and also as a communication channel between the parents observing the rating and the examiner. 
  • After the testing, fill out the ratings update form to update the national office and the Regional Supervisor. 

Sending a Team to a Rally:

  • Make sure your club calendar of activities take into account the different rallies and camps offered by the region. 
  • Make sure your members understand what to expect at different rallies. 
  • If your club/center cannot for a complete team, encourage your members to join a scratch team. Contact the rally organizer, and they will find a suitable team for them.
  • Does your club own team equipment for the rally. Check here for the list of required equipment. 
  • Make sure your team has a chaperone. Always check with the organizer about how many volunteers they will need from your club. 
  • Some rallies require a Stable Manager as part of the team. Stable Managers are Team Members, Not Grooms! Here is a job description for stable mangers. Forward this to your team and make sure each participant understands the value of a stable manager. 
  • Here are some form that are needed for all rallies:
    • Chaperone Rules and Duties - To be filled by each adult acting as chaperone.
    • Medical Card - For each of the participants. 
    • In addition to these, there could be releases meant for the facility where the rally/activity is held.
  • Here are the Rule Books and Newsletters that you might need. Make sure the team is familiar with the rules before the day of the rally. 

For ideas on teaching, studying and learning:

  • Check out the USPC Achievement Badge Program -- great for the younger Pony Club member.  Also great lesson plan ideas to get your C's teaching! 
  • USPC Horse Management website.  A great source for lesson plan ideas and more!
  • USPC Instruction website.  The site was developed to assist clubs in developing their lesson programs.  Take a look!
  • Don't miss the Study Aids Link -- we have LOTS of downloads to help your members with their next rating!  You will also find many lesson plan ideas.
  • Check out our Fun Links and Educational Links pages -- you will find resources to help prepare you members for ratings, as well as information to get that unmounted program off the ground!
  • Don't forget to check the MidCal calendar for all of the activities in the Region!

More MidCal Resources :

  • RIC -- Make sure you know your RICs!  Kathy Yolken and Sara Williams are MidCal's Regional Instruction Coordinators (RICs) and are great resources for DCs and Center Administrators.  Your RICs can help you with your club or center instruction program with advise, guidance and regional resources.  In addition, your RICs coordinate regional educational clinics for members, parents and instructors.  Click here  for more information.
  • HMO -- Get to know Nichole Fisher, MidCal's Horse Management Organizer (HMO).  Your HMO is the resource for Horse Management education for the region.  Look for bandaging and longeing clinics and annual Judge Training Programs for the region, judges at rallies and more!  Click here for more information.


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