Upper Level Certifications

 Registration MUST First be Completed Through the USPC National Website Prior to Registering on the Mid Cal Region Website!

Link to USPC Website with information on Upper Level Certifications:


Sign in, go to members, certifications, national tests and look for the links on the left side of the page to register"
Once you have registered at USPC, complete your registration at Mid Cal. YOU MUST DO BOTH in order to be considered registered for your test by the deadline.
UPPER LEVEL TESTING DATES for Midcal are now available on the USPC
website.  Please read below carefully, as there are significant changes.  California Test locations will be alternating every other year between Woodside and Shepard Ranch 

Mounted tests : C3 Traditional, C3 Show Jumping and B Traditional
August 17-20, Woodside Horsepark
Application due by May 23
Local organizer Molly Johnson
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

** read below for important information 
Register Online for C-3 - A: 

Register Online for HB- HA: 

HA/HB :   Indian Hills Ranch, Milpitas
September 7-10
Application due by June 14
Local organizer Kathie Schulz
** read below for important information**

Registration should be completed through the USPC website. Sign in, go to members, certifications, national tests and look for links on the left side of the page.  Please be aware there is a fee to USPC National and a separate fee to the hosting region.    

IMPORTANT /HEADS UP:   The mounted test will be at Woodside HorsePark this year and then will be alternating locations with Shepard Ranch every other year.  Read more .... Due to new higher minimum number of candidates needed to hold a test, Pony Club Regions will now be working together.  In California, four regions will combine forces:   the mounted testing will rotate between the Woodside Horsepark and Shepard Ranch near Santa Barbara every other year.  The test for all of California is at a Woodside this year.  So if you are thinking of upper level testing C3 and beyond, this is your chance to do so near home!!  This plan is the culmination of polling of our members for interest, followed by a lot of discussions/negotiations at the National Meeting and beyond. 

This year there are more than enough projected and interested candidates to plan for two HA/HB tests in California, one at Midcal and one at Camino Real region.  If the numbers drop quite significantly, the test may be combined and hosted at Shepard Ranch in Santa Inez by Camino Real region. Midcal will host in 2018 and we will alternate sites as needed.  

Dressage tests: candidates will now be able to test at the new national testing site in Bauxite, Arkansas. 
September 1-4.
Application due by June 7
A well schooled upper level dressage horse will be  available to each candidate for the  Sunday/Monday test, with required Get to Know your Horse lessons on Friday /Saturday for a nominal fee.   This year is a pilot and there is more information on the USPC website.  Midcal has three riders planning on going.  Registration is via the USPC site.  Please  register early.  

Questions. Contact Molly Johnson VRS for testing, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 650 -400-7753 evenings. 



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